Dress up your front door 

A blast of color is always welcoming on the front door.  Clean the front door from smudges.  Polish the door knobs and dead bolt with metal polish.  Add a touch of your personality to let the guest know what is to come inside.  If the hardware on your door is old replace it.  Add molding around the front door and paint it to make the entry pop.


Install Outdoor Lighting

If you do not have outdoor wiring use solar lights to light a path or the front entry.


Create a Garden

Whether in a bed or in pots bursts of color or greenery add warmth.  If you aren't a gardener buy ready made pots or hanging baskets.


Mailbox Makeover

Consider a mailbox that expresses your personality, hang a plant from it or build a garden around it.


Dress up Windows

Refresh trim around your windows with a pop of color or add shutters for personality.


Replace Gutters and Downspouts

Consider snap-fit vinyl gutters.  Copper gutters and downspouts accent homes beautifully, albeit more expensive.


Renew or Paint Siding and Trim

If it is looks worn fix it.  Replace anything cracked or rotting as it can be an instant turn off.  Trim on a home adds depth and visual interest.


Freshen the Door Step

Consider tiling or re-painting the door step to be clean and inviting.  It is the first impression your guests/ buyers get of the home.


Build a Walk-way to your Home

This invites the guest in and guides them, literally, into your home.


Replace or Repaint Railings

If you are selling your home the inspector is going to call you on it anyway you might as well take care of it now and give your buyers or guests a reason to look twice!


 JUNE 14, 2014