There are several factors to consider when looking for a Realtor.  First and foremost, do you prefer one-on-one attention from the same individual throughout the transaction or are you open to a "team" effort?  The team concept has become increasingly popular in Anchorage.  Teams have anywhere from 2 - 15 people that handle various portions of the transaction.  Yes, it is true I am biased to "my" way but....individual Realtors give highly personalized attention handling every element of the transaction on their own.  


Second, does the Realtor have a successful track record?  Can s/he provide recommendations?  Was s/he referred by a friend or acquaintance?  Does s/he have positive ratings on or  


Third, does your Realtor listen to your needs?  Does the Realtor respond in a timely manner and get your questions or concerns answered.  if you do not connect with your Realtor, if you feel your Realtor does not "listen" to you, or if your Realtor is not prompt at returning your calls/texts/emails then s/he may not be the right one for you.  

JUNE 14, 2014