If a home has been sitting on the market during the winter months you can often get a home at a better price than if it was on the market in the Spring, Summer, or even Winter.  Especially if it is sitting vacant.  I know this first hand as this is when I found my home on the hillside.  I never thought I could afford the view I have but after 6 months on the market and 3 offers prior to mine I am sitting with a view of teh Alaskan mountain range & the gorgeous city lights.  


As far as listing a home it can also be a great time to list especially if it is in primo condition as there is MUCH less competition.  The good homes are few and far between and if you list with me I will make sure your home is a diamond in the rough.  With the right staging even a dated home can shine!  

 OCTOBER 27, 2014